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Audio industry - second-most-popular consumer electronics industry

 A home hi-fi system is a set of electronic audio components that is typically used at home. It is composed of a power amplifier and one or more loudspeakers, CD player, tape deck and turntable. There are many different types of hifi systems that you can choose from depending on your budget. You should be aware that the sound quality will vary based on the components you purchase for your system. You should also read up on what to look for in these components before you make any purchases since it can be overwhelming when trying to find a good combination for your needs as there are so many options available. 
A home hifi system is a consumer electronics device that consists of at least one set of stereo loudspeakers, a decoder or preamplifier and power amplifier. A hifi system is a consumer electronics device that consists of different components such as speakers, amplifier and tuner; they are used to listen to music, watch movies or broadcast. An audio system, also known as an audio set or sound system, is a group of individual parts that are connected together to play music. There are also different types of sound systems: stereos, hi-fis and surround sound. Every one of them has its own distinctive way for playing back sound and for achieving a high-quality output. They can be found in nearly every home around the world. 
The loudspeakers are the ones who emit soundwaves to the air that give music playback its richness. Without good quality speakers, one does literally defeat the purpose of an audio system. Where it's of utmost importance for any speaker or headphone to have a frequency range that can reproduce music without fail. Ideally, an audiophile with a great sound system is someone who solely listens to analog format as well as vinyl discs or records because hi-fi systems are needed for optimum enjoyment of classical high fidelity soundtracks too.