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Marantz PM15S1

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Real high end by Marantz. A very seriously made amplifier, based on the ultra high end model PM11S. Made entirely of steel, with no visible screws, with a distinctive round display for basic functions, it looks beautiful, while the sound really speaks for itself. High end WBT termination and gold plated all connectors with dedicated CD and (according to other reviews) superb MM and MC phono sections. Very dynamic, warm, and yet quite detailed. A very powerful amplifier with realistic power output, it won't find speakers it can't easily chase down and get the most out of them. My personal favorite in terms of sound quality, I especially like it in the bass, where it has that sudden punch with fantastic control, where it doesn't allow the speakers to hum. Extremely pleasant and warm sound (very close to lamps) that can be listened to for hours and hours without any discomfort.
The Wolfson linear power gain (same as the PM11) allows for fine tuning, where the amp will not peak at 11 o'clock, but can even be turned off. Made in Japan without compromise
Simple, an amplifier designed for true audiophiles.
The device is in mint condition and comes with the original remote control and catalog.

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SKU: Marantz PM15S1
Categories: Amplifiers

SpecificationsNew Marantz Reference Series Design 
80 Watts/Ch Into 8 Ohms / 120 Watts/Ch Into 4 Ohms 
Hybrid Ring-Core Power Transformer with Choke Coil 
HDAM(R) SA2 Output Circuitry 
High Accuracy Liner Control Volume 
Current Feedback Topology Phono Amp 
WBT high quality speaker terminals 
Noiseless LCD Display 
F. C. B. S. (Floating Control Bus System) Multi-linked Control 
Double Layered bottom PlateTežina: 18KG


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